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When you just want to stab something over and over..  Needle Minders, Patterns, Kits and Finished Designs.
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MAGA: Mueller Ain't Going Away Sarcastic Political Cross Stitch Pattern
Make Cross Stitch Great Again! The real meaning behind MAGA: Mueller ain't going away. Since...
School of Wizardry and Stitchcraft : Wizard School Needle Minder or Magnet
A Snarky Crafter Exclusive!! NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE! I had these fantastic needle minders custom...
"Ah Me So Corny" Candy Corn Cross Stitch Pattern
Never let good 80s rap lyrics go to waste! Especially if they can be transformed...
Stupid People are Like Glow Sticks Cross Stitch Pattern
Sometimes with people the lights are on but nobody's home.. and in other cases, the...
Time and Place for Decaf: Never and In the Trash Cross Stitch Pattern
Love Coffee? But not really a fan of decaf? This funny cross stitch design tells...
VW Bus (Vanagon) Needle Minder or Magnet
Celebrating Volkswagon fans of the VW Bus or Vanagon, this adorable red needle minder is...
Cartoon Gloved Needle minder or Magnet
Need an extra hand with your needle? How about a hand from your favorite mouse?...
Great Britain Lovers Needle Minders (Double Decker Bus or Union Jack Heart)
If you love Great Britain, England or London, this set of needle minders is the...
"It has been lovely, but I have to scream now" Sampler Cross Stitch Pattern
"It has been lovely, but I have to scream now" .. Every introvert's mantra.This is...
Banana and Peach Innuendo Needle Minders or Fridge Magnets
A hilarious take on female and male body parts, this banana and peach needle minder...
Lab, Poodle and Corgi Needle Minders or Magnets
Are you a dog lover or a dog mom? These specific breed dog needle minders...
"Confidence Is Not They Will Like You, It is I'll Be Fine if They Don't" Sampler Cross Stitch Pattern
Not everyone is going to like you.. and you don't have to care. Being confident...
You just have to take it one "Are you fucking kidding me?" at a time Cross Stitch Pattern
Does you jaw hang open at least 10 times a day?  Are you living life...
"Ode to Kavanaugh" - Keep Your Rosaries Off My Ovaries - Political Cross Stitch
My personal tribute to Supreme Court Justice Nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  Vocal Catholic and Trump Nominee for...
Cross Stitch or Embroidery Pendant Blanks (Set of 3)
Create your own beautiful (or sarcastic) necklace pendants.  This set of three blanks includes everything...
Christmas Shark Funny Holiday Cross Stitch Pattern
What do you get when you cross Left Shark with Baby Shark and add in...
"Don't be an Asshole. There, I'm Your Life Coach" Sampler Cross Stitch Pattern
Any Functioning Adult 2020 Sarcastic Political Cross Stitch Pattern
Do you wish this country was being led by someone else.. ANYONE else? Well this...