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Jem (Set of Two) Cross Stitch Pattern: Jem and the Holograms
em, Je-em is truly outrageous.. truly truly truly outrageous. And if you were a kid...
"Ode to Kavanaugh" - Keep Your Rosaries Off My Ovaries - Political Cross Stitch
My personal tribute to Supreme Court Justice Nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  Vocal Catholic and Trump Nominee for...
I'm sorry you're a little bitch Sarcastic Floral Cross Stitch Design
I'm sorry if I offended you. Or maybe I'm not. This sarcastic snarky sampler looks...
Unicorns are real Cute Narwhal Cross Stitch Pattern | Narwhale- Unicorn of the Sea Cross Stitch Design | Fat Adorable Whale XStitch
Who doesn't love Narwhals? Of course, how can you go wrong with a cross between...
My Spirit Animal is a Blobfish Cross Stitch Pattern
Who doesn't love Blobfish? With their squishy fat pink bodies and their frowny faces.. My...
Funny Birthstone Crystal Meth Cross Stitch Design
Know someone who apparently has Crystal Meth as a birthstone? Then this is the sampler...
Bibbidy Bobbidi Brew Coffee Cross Stitch Pattern
Love Coffee? Does it work like magic? This pattern celebrates coffee only the way a...