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"Ah Me So Corny" Candy Corn Cross Stitch Pattern
Never let good 80s rap lyrics go to waste! Especially if they can be transformed...
"Bless Your Heart" Vintage Inspired Lapel Pin Cross Stitch Kit
Everything you need to express yourself on your lapel. "Bless Your Heart" is every southerner's...
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"Calm Your Tits" Cross Stitch Your Own Brooch Kit
Everything you need to express yourself on your lapel.  This snarky "NOPE" brooch is the...
"Can't Touch This" Cactus Cross Stitch Pendant Kit
A teenie tiny cactus with a little "Can't Touch This!" warning stitched in a 40...
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"Can't Touch This" Flowering Cactus Cross Stitch Pattern
Cactus lovers unite.. just don't hug us!  We can be a little prickly.  This simple...
"Come Se Llama?" Tank
Description A funny look at the spanish phrase "Como se llama?" (What is your name?)...
"Como Se Llama?" Printable
And adorable look at the Spanish questions "What is your name?" This digital download of...
"Como Se Llama?" Tee
A funny take on the Spanish question "what is your name?" This shirt would be...
"Confidence Is Not They Will Like You, It is I'll Be Fine if They Don't" Sampler Cross Stitch Pattern
Not everyone is going to like you.. and you don't have to care. Being confident...
"Dear Strong Woman, You Aren't Intimidating" Sampler Cross Stitch Pattern
  How come when a man is strong, he is a leader, but when a...
"Don't be an Asshole. There, I'm Your Life Coach" Sampler Cross Stitch Pattern
"For Fox Sake" Printable
A snarky look at the exasperated phrase "For F-ck's Sake!" Featuring original graphic design of...
"Friends Don't Care If Your House Is Clean, They Care If You Have Alcohol" Sampler Cross Stitch Pattern
Best friends are always there for you, and they don't give a damn if your...
"I don't have a sense of humor anymore. It's literally just sarcasm & general hate for the rest of population" Sarcastic Cross Stitch Pattern
Are you just so sick and tired of things, that you don't actually find them...
"I just want to be invited. I don't want to come." Cross Stitch Pattern
Hate going outside since it's a little too "People-y" out there? Introverts unite! Sure, I...
"I love that we hate all the same people" Perforated Paper Stitch Your Own Card Kit
Friendships are built on all the things you have in common.. including the people you...
"I Love That We Hate All The Same People" Friendship Cross Stitch Pattern
A best friend knows all your least favorite people.. and hates them too! Celebrate that...
"I Never Finish Anythin..." Enamel Pins
This is an enamel pin. You can find this design as a magnet or needle...