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I'm stuck on you.  These fun needle minders or fridge magnets are made with the strongest rare earth magnetic material..  You aren't getting away from me!
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Stitch and Flick! Hogwarts House Needle Minders
How do you hover at Wizarding School? Just Swish and Flick! How do you hover...
Salty Girl Needle Minder or Lapel Pin
Everyone recognizes the Morton girl.. with her oversized umbrella and trail of salt. She is...
"I solemnly swear a lot" Wizarding Map Needle Minder or Magnet
A Snarky Crafter Exclusive!! NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE! It won't activate the Marauder's Map, but...
School of Wizardry and Stitchcraft : Wizard School Needle Minder or Magnet
A Snarky Crafter Exclusive!! NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE! I had these fantastic needle minders custom...
F-bomb Enamel Needle Minder or Fridge Magnet **EXCLUSIVE**
If you are dropping f-bombs like a B-52 bomber, this is the perfect needle minder....
Cute Pastel Mermaid, Starfish and Sea Shell Needle Minders or Magnets
Life is better down where it's wetter.. under the sea. Celebrate your mermaid love with...
Cartoon Gloved Needle minder or Magnet
Need an extra hand with your needle? How about a hand from your favorite mouse?...
Wizarding Needle Minder Bundle: Set of 2 (School of Wizardry & Stitchcraft | I Solemnly Swear A Lot) Needle minders
Pair our two Best Selling Wizard Inspired Needle Minders together and save 10%! Snarky Crafter...
Stitch and Bitch Club Member Enamel Pin or Needle Minder
The perfect lapel pin for a group of stitching (and bitching) friends. Everyone is a...
School of Stitchcraft Hogwarts House Animals Enamel Needle Minders
These minders are part of my "School of Wizardry and Stitchcraft" series where each house...